Delicious!  Happy!  All-you-can-eat! Peach  Picking  Tour

There are many of variety concerning a white peach , especialy what grown in Okayma called "Okayama Hakuto ". Their character is soft pulp , juicy , sweet smell . And also elegant white skin .
Let's enjoy harvesting of white peach on our tours !

  1. You can pick and chose peaches among the tree that we assign to you . (Two for each of you )
  2. We recommend you to bring back your peaches as a little gift from Okayama .
  3. You can eat some iced peaches in the rest place .


About our plan of all-you-can-eat peaches and grapes.
Peaches and Grapes that you eat is what was cooled in the refrigerator and picking in advance.
Every charges are tax included
Fruit picking plans list Regular price Special price Picking period
Pick two pieces + Eat two pieces
2,000yen 1,800yen Jul.1-Aug.15,2017

Peach Pick one piece + Eat one piece

1,400yen 1,200yen Jul.1-Aug.15,2017
Muscat grapes
Pick a bunch + and taste 20tablets
2,100yen 1,900yen Sep.1-Oct.10,2017
Pione picking
1 bunch and taste 20tablets
2,100yen 1,900yen Aug.30-Sep.15,2017
Seto Giants
picking one bunch (souvenir) + taste 20tablets
2,700yen 2,500yen Sep.1-Sep.30,2017
Opening hours
9 a.m.-4 p.m. (Open throughout crop seasons)
It is crowded in the afternoon . We recommend you come for such as early time as possible .
Prior reservation is required.
If you come to our store by public transportation and walk , we welcome and send off to our farm for free .



In the case of using a bus
It is about 40 minutes from the JR Okayama Station to nearby bus stops .
A bus stops called "Shimoichi ". It is about 5 minutes from bus stops to our store by walk .
In the case of Okayama Airport to coming , please take the bus for the JR Okayama Station and change at this station .
Detail of a bus
The Uno bus is taken from the No.12 car stop of the JR Okayama Station east gate .
Please use a bus of "Neopolis Higashi Rokuchoume " or "Neopolis Nishi Kyuchoume" going which goes via Naka Shimoichi or Nishi Shimoichi .
If you don't understand Where bus goes , please ask a driver about whether it goes to Shimoichi .

The bus's timetable
In the case of using your car
It is about 15 minutes from the San-yo interchange in San-yo Expressway to our tourist farm .